Pump Builder

Have a knack for organization? Enjoy working with your hands? Sounds like you could be a perfect addition to our Valve Body Department as a Pump Builder.

At ETE, we’re in the business of making transmissions. Our Pump Building Team is instrumental in making the making of transmissions happen. With two facilities totaling 220,000 square feet and over 450 employees, you could say we have a lot of moving parts. This is a role in which you’ll make a direct difference in the quality, delivery, and productivity of your department.

Job Duties

As a Pump Builder, you’ll do things like:

  • Read labels (and sometimes check them twice) to make sure pumps are identified properly.
  • Assess the condition of various parts.
  • Utilize power tools during pump building.
  • Become a parts receiving expert, grabbing what you need daily from various department shelves and from parts trays prepped by Pump Body Handlers.

Skills & Requirements

The ideal Pump Builder has one year of prior production experience, has the ability to identify transmissions, and is comfortable working in a manufacturing environment. We’re looking for a self-motivated person ready to share their great attitude with those around them. Want to be a part of our growing and successful team? Let’s talk.

Listing Active Date

December 4, 2017


Details & Benefits

  • Immediate Hire
  • Full Time
  • First Shift
  • Hourly
  • Great Work Environment
  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Full Benefits
    • Health
    • Dental
    • 401(k)

Ready to Join the Team?


Let’s Work Together.

There are about a million reasons for someone to join production operations at ETE REMAN. The team atmosphere. The opportunities to grow. Or just the desire to have a long, fulfilling career. If you’re ready to find your calling at ETE REMAN, check out the available production positions below.

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